Plan a Visit

Plan a Visit

Guests are welcome to visit Deer Park on designated Days of Mindfulness or to register for an overnight retreat. You do not need prior meditation experience to visit us, but we do ask that you plan your visit for times when the monastery is open and receiving visitors. If you have registered for an overnight retreat, please plan to arrive on your designated arrival day. The monastery gate will remain closed outside of these times.

Public Visiting Hours

Overnight Retreats
We offer a number of seasonal and special retreats throughout the year. Please visit our Register for a Retreat page for information on current overnight retreat opportunities, including retreat descriptions, available arrival dates, and pricing information. You can apply to register for an available retreat by completing an online registration form. We receive overnight guests only on the listed seasonal and special retreat arrival days.

registration office

While You Are Here
During your time here, you are invited to practice sitting and walking meditation, to enjoy mindful eating with the community, to listen to talks by our teachers, to visit our gardens, and to walk along the nature trails.

Day of Mindfulness sample schedule:

9:00 AM – Walking meditation
10:00 AM – Dharma talk
11:30 AM – Recitation ceremony or dharma discussion
12:30 PM – Lunch
1:30 PM – Bookshop opens
2:00 PM – Deep relaxation meditation
3:00 PM – Sitting meditation sessions
4:00 PM – Day of Mindfulness concludes

Seasonal retreat sample schedule:

5:00 AM – Wake up bell
5:45 AM – Sitting meditation
6:45 AM – Exercise time
7:30 AM – Breakfast
9:00 AM – Working meditation
11:30 AM – Walking meditation
12:30 PM – Lunch
2:00 PM – Mindful rest period
3:00 PM – Class or meeting
4:30 PM – Walking or sitting and chanting meditation
6:00 PM – Light dinner
7:30 PM – Class or personal study time
9:30 PM – Noble silence
10:30 PM – Lights out and bedtime

Special retreat sample schedule:

5:00 AM – Wake up bell
5:45 AM – Sitting meditation
6:45 AM – Walking meditation
7:45 AM – Breakfast in silence
9:00 AM – Working meditation
10:30 AM – Dharma talk
12:30 PM – Lunch in silence
2:15 PM – Deep relaxation meditation
3:30 PM – Dharma discussion
5:00 PM – Mindful rest
5:30 PM – Dinner in silence
7:30 PM – Dharma presentation
9:00 PM – Noble silence
10:00 PM – Lights out


The dorm room lodging in Deer Park Monastery is simple with only shared rooms (up to six people per room). Rooms have a toilet, sink, and shower. Guests are provided with a mattress on bunk bed frames. Rooms are heated in the cooler times of the winter and air-conditioning is available during warmer times of the summer. During seasonal retreat, men reside in Solidity Hamlet; women reside in Clarity Hamlet; and families reside in Solidity Hamlet.

Tenting is also available with toilets, sinks, and individual showers in the campground. Men, women, and couples are segregated into different areas of the campground, but specific locations cannot be reserved. You must bring your own tent and sleeping bag.

Food is included with your registration fee. For every full day, there are three vegetarian, and generally vegan, meals per day. Unfortunately, we are limited in our capacity to accommodate people who have special dietary or medical needs. For those staying in Solidity Hamlet, a small community refrigerator is available in Solidity Hamlet Tearoom.


Because of our communal practice, guests cannot bring pets to our practice center.

What to Bring – Overnight Guests

If you are planning to stay overnight, you are encouraged to bring items necessary for your comfort such as the following:

  • Water bottle
  • Flashlight
  • Alarm clock
  • Towel
  • Bedding and/or sleeping bag
  • Pillow
  • Personal items
  • Shampoo
  • Hand soap
  • Umbrella
  • Good walking or hiking shoes
  • Warm clothing and footwear, particularly in winter months
  • Sun hat in summer and warm hat in winter
  • Cloth napkin for meals

If you would like more information on visiting Deer Park, please see our Come For the Day and Register for a Retreat pages. For schedule information, please see our Calendar.

“The foundation of a good community is a daily life that is joyful and happy.”

– Thich Nhat Hanh

20 responses to “Plan a Visit”

  1. My husband and I along with 3 kids (13, 12, 10) would like to visit the monastery on 3/27. Is vaccinations required even for kids? We intend to wear mask and walk around the premise for some meditation. Please advise as we are coming from Orange County.

  2. Hi I wish to attend early morning meditation and ceremonies on Sunday. I live close by the monetary please inform the schedule for tomorrow

    • Thank you for the question. We are not open tomorrow. You can register for the next Sunday but that too is full already. April 24th is the next open Sunday.

  3. Is the only way to visit by registering for an event or can I do a self-guided visit on a DOM if I arrive before 10am?

    • Yes, the only way to visit is during one of our open days where you register. Registration is free. Or come for an overnight stay.

  4. Hello. I am so eager to attend, I have been studying Thich Nhat Hanh’s teachings for years but have never practiced his teachings with a sangha!

    I cannot attend any of the special retreats but would love to do an overnight stay. If I book and pay for a week-long stay, is it possible to stay for 5 days? I am particularly looking at May 31/June 1-
    June 4/5. Thank you.

  5. Hello, are women allowed only for a retreat that states admission to Clarity Hamlet, or can they enter/stay during other times if using a tent/camping option? Thank you in advance!

    • Dear S, regarding seasonal retreats, women may register for the times when Clarity Hamlet is receiving guests. Women, who register to camp during seasonal retreats, stay in the Clarity Hamlet campground.

  6. Hello I’m planning on attending May 6-13 in Clarity tent. I am healthy and 2x vaccines, work in house and live alone. Can I still book my space if I’m not boosted? I’ve emailed last week with other questions but haven’t heard back yet. Your time is appreciated!

  7. Hi I work from home, live alone, am healthy and double vaccinated. Can I attend the may 6-13 retreat if I’ve not been boosted? I e emailed other questions but haven’t received response yet. Your attention is greatly appreciated!

  8. Hello Brother Joy! It was thru the Contact form. I received a copy from this alias: I’ll fwd to both emails you’ve listed, thank you. I just hope there’s enough time/space for me to book the stay for this Friday. And feel free to delete that double msg, sorry!

  9. hello, my name is sharon an I m trying to plan an come an visit around mid to end of august. I am coming from central florida an looking forward to meeting many of the sisters an brothers to spend some mindful times together..

  10. Hello, are you fully vegan yet? I’d love to plan a retreat but can only do so where no animal, nor the planet, is harmed. Thank you very much. In ahimsa.

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