Getting Here

Getting Here

Looking to share a ride? Please use our rideshare and carpool page to find others.

Arriving At Deer Park

You should be able to use either 2499 Melru Ln, Escondido, CA or 1 Deer Park Ln, Escondido, CA in your mobile map or to provide to your driver. Once you arrive at our Main Gate, drive up the road about one-mile. You will go past Clarity Hamlet and park in Main Parking Lot (a large gravel lot on the left side). If you are visiting for a Day of Mindfulness, make your way (after parking in the lot) to the Ocean of Peace Meditation Hall that is located just above the Main Parking Lot. If you are staying for a retreat your confirmation letter indicates which Hamlet you will be staying in – if you will be staying in Clarity Hamlet please park in the Main Parking Lot and walk to the Clarity Hamlet Registration Office, first building on the left. If your confirmation letter indicates that you will be staying in Solidity Hamlet please enjoy your walk up to the registration office in Solidity Hamlet, by the Circle Garden.

Arriving By Car

Deer Park is located about 50-miles from San Diego. We are closest to I-15 and HWY-78 in Escondido. Click the “view larger map” or “directions” on the map below for specific driving directions.

Taxi in Escondido:  All City Taxi Cab 760-747-8888; A1 Taxi Cab of Escondido 760-690-2080

Arriving By Plane

Nearest airport: San Diego Airport (SAN), 36.7 miles from Deer Park. The next nearest airport is John Wayne Airport in Orange County, 75-miles from Deer Park.

Airport Shuttles from San Diego: Cost is approximately $45 to $60 per person. Some shuttle service may have discounts for multiple passengers traveling together. Two service we are familiar with are EZ Ride and Sea Breeze. This is not an endorsement of the shuttle service.

Public Transportation

Arriving By Train

The Escondido Transit Center is serviced by the SPRINTER Light Rail. The Sprinter travels between Oceanside Transit Center and Escondido Transit Center. The travel time is ~1-hour and will cost $2.50. Sprinter rail and Amtrak rail share the Oceanside Transit Center so it’s simple to just change trains.

In addition to arriving via Amtrak from all points north of Oceanside, you may also take the COASTER Rail from the San Diego Airport (after a short bus ride) to Oceanside. The travel time is ~75-minutes and will cost $9.00.

For both these services, you can use their Trip Planner.

Arriving By Bus

Most busses arriving in Escondido and traveling within Escondido, start and terminate at the Escondido Transit Center. This include arriving via Greyhound Bus service.

Within Escondido, the closet bus stop from the monastery is located 3-miles away at the corner of Rincon and Broadway. This is serviced by Route 358/359 of the BREEZE Bus service. Travel time from the transit center to the bus stop is ~20-minutes and will cost $2.50.

Lastly, it is possible to take a bus from the San Diego Airport to the Escondido Transit Center. Most of the travel will be on one bus and will take less than 2-hours. The cost is $6.00.

8 responses to “Getting Here”

  1. I’d love to receive more specific directions. I have not seen them yet in the mail for what was falling in love with the earth and now is memorial retreat.

    • Hello! What additional specificity are you needing beyond what is shown on this page? If you are driving, just follow the directions shown here.

  2. More specific directions would be appreciated.
    Driving directions are: “We are closest I-15 and HWY-78 in Escondido. Once you arrive at our gate” more specifics between freeway/highway and your gate would be helpful.
    The other modes of transit listed (besides flight) show 4.9 – 17.39 miles from transit point to your location — what is best method to span that distance from transit point to your location?
    Thank you.

    • Please use the visual map below that sentence to get more specific directions from where you are coming from. You can click “Directions” on the map.

  3. Greetings Brother Joy,
    Greetings to the Dharma Teachers and Sangha of Deer Park Monastery. I would be grateful if you could share with Brother Stream and the Dharma teachers the following.
    I woke up last night – it was not a dream nor was it a waking dream : it was a certainty. Thay has read the book I sent to the Monastery, as he read he deeply listened to my late father’s suffering. Thay is seeking my father out and they will be meeting from time to time along their paths of continuation. This insight has brought me a sense of peace as if the book I gifted to your Library was also a gift to myself, to my father in me.
    I thank Deer Park Monastery for the recent postings on Bowing to the Earth and the retreat at Magnolia Monastery on the Loss of a Loved one. Being an elder who has not been given the bill of health to travel under covid conditions I will be unable to attend a retreat which takes place after the Funeral Ceremony I am preparing for. However the advisory was most welcome and helpful : I registered for an online Magnolia session which takes place on the eve of the Funeral.
    Meanwhile I trust both monasteries will honor the privacy of my unresolved narrative given my father’s prominence.
    Also I am schooling myself daily, researching all Dharma talks which speak of the ancestors, loss of loved ones, how to be in touch with those we lost. This morning my homework or soilwork was around Brother Stream’s medicine to heal the ancestors.
    I won’t be ready but we are never ready for anything except the present moment.
    Lotus flowers for all of you,
    Julia Wright


    • I’ll do my best Julia. We did receive the book and I’m holding it for Thầy Pháp Luu. He is away traveling right now to India and be back at the end of May.

  4. Thank you very much for your reply, Brother Joy. I am hoping that in a post-covid world even an elder like me will be able to travel to offer more books in-person. In particular the last book my father wrote before passing – 817 haiku, a tradition of poetic mindfulness he taught me and I try to practice. Yesterday on my birth day, I was honored to post 3 more haiku ( eleven syllables over 3 lines ) for Thay on the Plum Village Gratitude website link. Peace and Lotus flowers for all.

  5. greetings Brother Joy,
    I hope Brother Stream was able to transmit my father’s “Injustice” dedicated to Thay – to the Sangha Library. I trust my question, as an elder, to Brother Stream about the difficulty of mourning cold cases of lynchings far away from the earth where they took place… will receive a reply. “Time is Long”, as our W.E.B. DuBois wrote.
    Like sounds some questions do reverberate but we do not know when or how , nor do we plan the timing of their replies. If any.
    Because of my profession I am working on the massacres of Buffalo and Uvalde where the teen bought guns for his birthday – so I listened deeply to one of the questions a teen amongst teens was asking at Deer Park yesterday. In a hesitant syntax revealing the dread in his mind, he was trying to formulate how difficult it was for him to express what he wanted for his birthday. That question echoed.
    Was he trying to say : help me not to want a gun ?

    Many lotus flowers for the Sangha,

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