Long Term Stays

Practitioners who wish to stay and practice with us for three months or longer can apply online after carefully reviewing the requirements and eligibility criteria below. You must register/apply to the appropriate hamlet. Solidity Hamlet is where men, non-binary friends who were AMAB & mixed gender couples stay alongside the brothers. Clarity Hamlet is where women & non-binary friends who were AFAB stay alongside the sisters.

Solidity Hamlet (Monks/men)

Due to a large construction project underway, Solidity Hamlet will respectfully not be open for receiving long term guests through the spring & summer of 2024. 

Solidity Hamlet is currently accepting volunteer applications to help build the monks residence. Learn more and apply to volunteer here.

Clarity Hamlet (Nuns/women)

Dear friends,

Living in a healthy environment is an essential condition for nurturing wholesome seeds in us so that they may grow stronger day by day. A mindful environment also enables us to deepen our practice and understanding of the Buddha’s teachings. Gradually, we can recognize the roots of our pain and suffering, transforming them and bringing peace to ourselves and our loved ones.

Having listened deeply to these needs in us and in you, Sisters of Clarity Hamlet at Deer Park Monastery reflected together and agreed that this is the right time for us to establish a long-term training program for lay friends who want to practice and serve the community. You are welcome to practice with us at Deer Park Monastery for a period of three months to one year. 

During your stay at the monastery, you will be able to participate in all Sangha activities, including sitting meditation, walking meditation, eating meditation, listening to the bell, listening to the Dharma talks, singing meditation, practicing loving speech and deep listening, etc. You will also work side by side with our Sisters to serve the Sangha and share joy with those who come to us. Living mindfully together, we can do many wonderful deeds to help alleviate the suffering in society, a feat that we would not be able to accomplish alone.

Your sincere presence and practice will help strengthen the Sangha’s energy and further our joy of service. 

May you be well, enjoying peaceful breath and steps wherever you are,
The Nuns of Clarity Hamlet
Deer Park Monastery

If you are interested in participating in this program, please REVIEW the following before applying:

If you have additional questions about applying for the long-term program in Clarity Hamlet, please reach out to clarity.longterm@deerparkmonastery.org.