Volunteer to Build the Monks Residence

Rendering of the new monks residence

The new monks residence construction will start in August or September 2023 and will take 6-7 months to build. The building is one-story, approximately 3,590 square feet, stick-framed, drywall on interior, siding rain-screen on exterior with metal roof.

The building will feature sustainability measures such as natural air-flow ventilation, increased thermal insulation, rain-screen exterior wall, high efficiency heat pumps, separate grey water system for irrigation of slope garden, rainwater collection, potential humanure composting and the use of sustainable materials.

We are also planning to do most of the work with volunteer help to reduce costs and build community. Volunteers will practice a 30-40h/week work schedule and Dharma sharing. Food and lodging will be provided by the monastery. We hope volunteers may come and stay with us during the period in which your skills are most needed.

Please note that currently plans are being developed and permitted, so schedule is subject to change, check our status page for details.

Schedule status:

Permitting: in progress, expected completion July ‘23

Preliminary construction dates.

Concrete: Aug, Sep ‘23

Framing: Oct, Nov ‘23

Roofing, rough-ins: Dec ’23 – Jan `24

Drywall: Jan – Feb ‘24

Finishes: Feb – Mar ‘24

Preliminary Interest Form to Build the Monks Residence


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