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  • Incredible Gift

    Incredible Gift

    by Anna Gerner Deer Park has had a transformative impact on my life, leading to growth, healing, and change. Despite initially feeling hopeless about my situation, attending a Wake-Up Retreat […]

  • Communing with Redwoods

    Communing with Redwoods

    by Sister Hướng Nghiêm In June, the Deer Park monastic sangha visited the Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park. Here I share some of my experiences walking through this ancient forest. […]

  • Wake Up Retreat Reflections

    Wake Up Retreat Reflections

    The Wake Up Retreat at Deer Park Monastery this year was special with the added presence of the waterfalls over rocky cliffs, bright spring flowers and a full moon meditation. […]

  • Befriend My Feelings

    Befriend My Feelings

    By Jahnavi Newsom I notice when I’m tired after we’ve hosted a retreat, and we are having lazy days, my mind is more doubtful. While during the retreat I may […]

  • Befriend your Strong Emotions

    Befriend your Strong Emotions

    All human beings experience strong emotions, like sadness, anger, insecurity, jealousy, self-doubt, regret, yearning, etc. We all have them, but as a child we don’t necessarily learn how to deal […]

  • Breathing With a Smile in the Cold Rain

    Breathing With a Smile in the Cold Rain

    Photos by Natalia Vasco In February, many friends joined the sisters and brothers on a week-long backpacking retreat to explore nature with the practice of mindfulness around Deer Park Monastery […]

  • Residing in the Human Realm

    Residing in the Human Realm

    I have the opportunity to talk about my experience at Deer Park, which I think is best reflected through the eyes of my present. I am here in Mississippi, 1.5 […]

  • Tết Returns Inside Me Like That

    Tết Returns Inside Me Like That

    by a Plum Tree Sister in Deer Park Though I’ve been alive for over two decades now, Tết (Lunar New Year) is still new to me. Living full-time in the […]

  • Freedom through Letting Go

    Freedom through Letting Go

    Chân Trời Ngộ Không, also known as Brother Freedom, shares his journey to monastic life through letting go. It was originally published in our 20-year anniversary magazine. After being away from Deer Park for year, Brother Freedom returns this month.

  • An Old Home in a New Land

    An Old Home in a New Land

    Br. Minh Lung shares a journal from his recent 6-month trip to Plum Village Thailand.