March Gathering

March 15-19, 2023

The March Gathering at Deer Park hosts members of the North American Dharma Teacher Sangha. It is a rare and precious opportunity to practice together in person at the monastery. The daily schedule will include practicing mindfulness and meditation with the Fourfold Community, meeting as a sangha, as well as time to connect, or reconnect, with the Hidden Mountain.

Check-in time is between 2 and 4 PM on Friday, March 15, and the gathering will conclude on Tuesday, March 19. Activities include sitting meditation, walking meditation in nature, silent meal meditation, a rest period after lunch, and much more.

As you fill out the registration form for this event, please be sure to click both the “make reservation” and “proceed to checkout” buttons. This will ensure that the registration office receives your reservation. For this gathering, please disregard warnings that your reservation will be canceled without payment. Your stay at the monastery is complimentary, however if you would like to, you may contribute for your stay through the registration process or in person at the registration office at the monastery.