Deer Park Monastery Completes Nunnery Project

New homes for the sisters and a cottage for Thay are models of green building

Dear Friends, This week we will move into the home that has been built with your love and support. We are deeply grateful for your compassion for our well-being and your patience. It has been six years since our dear teacher gave his approval for the project.

In the years to come we hope that you will visit us and see the earth-friendly home which you have helped to create. As children of the earth, we have done our best to respect, love, and care for her throughout the planning and decisions that have been made about building. We offer our home as a gentle reminder that it is possible to live in harmony with nature and with each other.

As a community, we aspire to deepen our practice so that we can be a source of refuge for all who come and practice. Please join us for a Day of Mindfulness or a retreat to relax, enjoy the art of slowing down and celebrate life in the present moment.

Sisters in the new nunnery

The Sisters of Deer Park Monastery