BIPOC Retreat (Photo Gallery)

The “Nourishing Our Roots” BIPOC Retreat at Deer Park Monastery was a special retreat designed for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color to engage in mindfulness and healing. This retreat was a celebration of the 20th anniversary since Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh (Thầy) hosted the first POC retreat in 2004 at Deer Park.

Participants experienced a blend of meditation, Dharma talks, and mindful living, all aimed at fostering a deep sense of community and personal transformation. The retreat featured various activities, including guided meditations, group discussions, and opportunities for personal reflection in a serene, supportive environment hosted by monastics of Deer Park Monastery as well as Dharma Teachers in the Plum Village tradition.

One participant shared:

“I was especially thankful to a monastic sister who took time out of her day, from enjoying the beautiful flowers, to sit and listen to my pain. Her acknowledgement of my pain helped me commit to a better path in life. She taught me to look inwards. To be my own soul mate. It brought such joy to my heart.”

View photos of the retreat below.  Watch the replays of the Dharma Talks, Q&A, and Speaker Sessions here.

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