Br. Phap Dung and Br. Phap Luu doing hand motions at Synapse School

Synapse School Weekend Retreat at Deer Park

FEBRUARY 23-25, 2024

Dear friends, we are so glad to welcome your group to a weekend retreat with the fourfold community at Deer Park Monastery. It is a precious chance to follow the daily schedule of meditation and mindfulness with the monastic brothers and sisters, including orientation, sitting meditation, mindful working, walking meditation, mindful meals, and a Dharma talk by our teachers.

We kindly ask you to register for the weekend at least one week in advance of your arrival day to give us time to prepare for your visit. We also recommend early registration as spaces may fill.

Retreat check-in time is on Friday afternoon between 2 and 4 PM and the retreat will end on Sunday afternoon around 2 PM, when the Day of Mindfulness concludes. We kindly ask all friends to arrive on the designated arrival day, depart on the designated departure day, and to follow the daily schedule of the monastery while here. All registered group members will check-in and practice together in Solidity Hamlet.

Please note that dorm room assignments are often in shared spaces and they will mostly be assigned according to gender. Spaces are available for nonbinary, trans, and gender-nonconforming guests. Whenever possible, children will be housed with a parent of the same gender, and there will also be group housing for parents coming singly with a child of a different gender.

If you are unable to stay for the full retreat, you may consider registering to attend the Day of Mindfulness on Sunday, which will start at 9 AM. Please see our website Calendar for registration and more details.

Thank you for reading and we hope to see you soon. If you have any questions, please Contact Us.


  • Tent – Adult $70/night | Teen $56/night | Child $35/night
  • 6 Bed Dorm – Adult $100/night | Teen $80/night | Child $50/ night
  • 3 Bed Dorm – Adult $140/night | Teen $112/night | Child $70/ night

Br. Phap Luu smiling to the children at Synapse School
Br. Phap Luu and Br. Phap Dung speaking to the parents at Synapse School