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Spring & Summer Retreats

March – August, 2015

Spring and summer retreats are wonderful opportunities to practice the daily schedule of renewal and transformation with our community of monks, nuns, and lay practitioners.

We invite you to join us for a deep experience of mindful living for a two-week, one-week, or weekend retreat, as Mother Earth stirs from slumber, new blossoms begin to appear, and sunshine illuminates the path.

Practical Information:

  • Our first spring retreat arrival day is Friday, March 20, 2015.
  • Please note that not all Fridays are arrival days and not all arrival days are available for one or two-week retreats. Feel free to contact us regarding available dates.
  • Please register for your retreat a few weeks in advance so you will have enough time to receive and read through all confirmation information.


Reserve one bed in a dormitory. $315



Reserve space for one person in camping area. Must bring your own tent. $245



Reserve one bed in a dormitory. $90



Reserve space for one person in camping area. Must bring your own tent. $70



Teen Camp

June 24 – June 28, 2015

Teen Camp is open to all teens with or without previous experience with mindfulness, meditation, or camping. This is a special time for all of us–please come and join!

During this retreat, we will come together as brothers and sisters to develop skills that help us learn to be alive in the present moment and to connect deeply with ourselves and others. When we learn to be mindful, a whole new world appears.

We will stay in tents (around 5 teens per tent). Teen girls will be assigned to a tent in Clarity Hamlet Oak Grove and teen boys to a tent in the Solidity Hamlet Campground. There will be monastic and lay staff members staying in both campgrounds. The monastery will provide tents, but we ask everyone to bring their own sleeping bags and sleeping pads.

Participants are expected to attend the entire retreat and all activities. For parents and younger siblings, please consider registering for Family Retreat, when there will be programs for children, teens, and adults. Teen Camp is exclusively for teens: no exceptions.



Reserve space for one teen in a shared tent. Tents will be provided. $120



Family Retreat

July 8 – July 12, 2015

With the practice of mindfulness as the base, we shall learn to practice deep listening and loving speech to nourish true harmony within our families. During this retreat, we shall learn to practice together as an extended family and to support each other at home, in the work place, and in school. At times, the parents and children will be together and at other times, they practice separately. It is a precious chance for the whole family to be in a practice setting and learn new ways of being with one another. We encourage both parents to join the whole duration of the retreat with their children. There is no partial attendance to this residential retreat.

There will be programs for children (6-11 years old), tweens (12-14 years old), and teens (15-17 years old) during parts of the day. Monastic and lay staff will help lead the programs and we will ask for support from parents to assist the groups during the retreat.

If your family determines that they are committed to attending the 5 days of this retreat, we encourage early registration. Space is limited. Registration is per individual (not per family, nor per tent).



This accommodation is full. Click here for Waiting List.



Reserve tent camping space for one person. Must bring your own tent. $140



Mindfulness Retreat for Software Developers and Designers

October 11-16, 2015 | Mercy Center, Burlingame CA

Breathe and smile with like-minded techies and help manifest Thich Nhat Hanh’s vision of a Plum Village mindfulness app. This retreat will be an opportunity for a team of app developers, designers, project managers, and experienced practitioners to be together with an international delegation of monastics in the Plum Village tradition. See how to merge work and practice with other like-minded people. The retreat may include mindful work opportunities such as coding and designing mindfulness apps.

The residential retreat will take place right in the heart of the Bay Area, minutes from San Francisco Airport and a 5-minute taxi ride from BART. The Mercy Center is located at 2300 Adeline Dr in Burlingame CA 94010. Registration includes tuition plus lodging in basic, single occupancy room, and simple vegetarian meals. Arrival day is Sunday, October 11 at 3pm and concludes at 12pm on Friday, October 16.

This retreat will take place in Burlingame, California at the Mercy Retreat Center. However, all aspects of this retreat are managed by Deer Park Monastery.



Reserve a single private bedroom, with shared bathroom on each floor. $990



Miracle of Mindfulness: Breathe, it’ll be okay

October 27 – November 1, 2015

A Sangha of 75 monastics from Plum Village, Blue Cliff, Magnolia Grove and Deer Park Monasteries will come together to host this retreat and other events during this US Tour without the physical presence of our beloved Teacher, Thay. Please join us in the mountains of Deer Park Monastery to manifest the miracles of mindfulness together as a spiritual family, a Sangha. We come back to the present moment through our awareness of our breath and our steps. As we recognize the impermanent nature of our breath, our feelings and our thinking, the insight: Breathe, it’ll be okay ripens naturally. Coming together to cultivate the art of mindful living in all of our daily activities help the insight of interbeing to sprout. We have prepared additional information on this Retreat Information Sheet.

If you are young or old, new to mindfulness practice or experienced, We welcome you all to join this retreat. Families with children and teens are warmly welcome to this retreat.


This accommodation is full. Click here for Waiting List.



This accommodation is full. Click here for Waiting List.



Reserve space for one person in a trailer dorm. $450



Reserve space for one person in camping area. Must bring your own tent. $350



Reserve space to attend as a commuter. Priority given to those with medical need. $350