How To Live When A Loved One Dies

Our sister monastery in Mississippi will be offering this retreat May 4-8 and you are invited to join them at Magnolia Grove Monastery. Learn more and register.

A retreat on transforming grief and loss

How do we deal with the intense grief and suffering we feel when we lose someone we love? How can we navigate the storms following separation or the death of a loved one? The pain that comes with loss is a natural and deeply human experience. In times of grief, we are often overwhelmed by feelings of despair. How can we find the way to touch peace and happiness again? 

In this five-day retreat we will practice coming back to ourselves and calming our strong emotions. We will investigate our deep-seated beliefs about happiness and suffering, and birth and death. Often it is these very beliefs that are the obstacle to our happiness. When we know how to come back to the present moment, to take care of our strong emotions, we can touch peace and find relief. When we gain more insight into the true nature of birth and death, our grief begins to transform. 

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  1. Hello, Will there be any more retreats in North America on transforming grief and loss in the coming year?—Many thanks, Judith

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