Mindfulness in the Sierra Nevada Mountains

Golden Trout Wilderness

This year we have been experimenting with hiking and climbing trips. With two retreats completed, we are now ready to offer our third trip to the Golden Trout Wilderness in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Mountain valley in Pines
Photo by -keeper-

Come experience the great outdoors with a small number of other retreat attendees and the monastics of Deer Park Monastery.

This one week backpacking trip in the Sierra Nevada mountains will entail approximately 7-9 miles of walking with a fully-loaded backpack per day. Participants will bring their own backpacking gear, including a shelter, sleeping system, and personal cooking stove and meals for backpacking. In addition to daily mindful backpacking in the backcountry, we will follow a full schedule including sitting meditation, short Dharma talks, Dharma sharing, and deep relaxation.

Attendance is by application only. You can begin by completing the short application now. Retreat dates are July 17-23, 2022.

Learn more and apply.

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  1. Dear Brother Joy,
    I sent in my application, but I was not able to submit a payment and I did not receive a confirmation. Can you let me know if my application was received? Deep gratitude, Vicki

    • No payment is required until the application is approved. Any confirmation would be forthcoming once the team has a chance to review.

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