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A New Class for the Rains Retreat

We are happy to offer a new in-person (and online) series of classes, taught by Brother Phap Luu during our annual Rains Retreat, in the Ocean of Peace Meditation Hall—and on our YouTube channel—each Wednesday night at 7:30 pm PST from September 21st through December 14th. We welcome those who are local to the San Diego/Los Angeles area to attend the classes in person, arriving by 7:00 PM to get situated.

This 13-week course covers the growth and development of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh’s comprehensive vision for collective awakening through a selection of his books and teachings. We encourage everyone to read the books—or at least the first section of each book—in preparation for the class.

Links for each class will be posted on our main home page, and are on a playlist here. To sign up for the course forum and materials, fill out the form here.

The tentative topics and books covered in each class are:

  1. (Sept. 21) The Roots of Thay’s Insight (Part 1): Fragrant Palm Leaves.
  2. (Sept. 28) The Roots of Thay’s Insight (Part 2): Fragrant Palm Leaves.
  3. (Oct. 5) The Illness and Trauma of War: Vietnam: Lotus in a Sea of Fire.
  4. (Oct. 12) How to Act for Humanity: The Miracle of Mindfulness.
  5. (Oct. 19) Embodying Health: Being Peace.
  6. (Oct. 26) Global Ethics: InterbeingFurther reading: Mindfulness Survival Kit.
  7. (Nov 2) Mindful Breathing and Collective Healing: Peace Is Every StepFurther reading: Breathe, You Are Alive! [16 Steps on Mindful Breathing], Transformation and Healing [4 Establishments of Mindfulness], The Path of Emancipation [Detailed teachings on the 16 Steps].
  8. (Nov. 9) Cultivating a Healthy Mind: Understanding Our Mind. Further reading: Buddha Mind, Buddha Body.
  9. (Nov. 16) Part 2 of Cultivating a Healthy Mind: Manas and Mind Consciousness
  10. (Nov. 23) Part 3 of Cultivating a Healthy Mind: Transformation at the Base
  11. (Nov. 23) Overcoming Afflictions: AngerFurther reading: FearThe Art of Power.
  12. (Nov. 30) Eating for the Planet: Savor.
  13. (Dec 7) Happy Teachers Make Happy Students: Happy Teachers Change the WorldFurther reading: Planting Seeds.
  14. (Dec 14) Falling In Love with Mother Earth: Love Letter to the PlanetFurther reading: Love Letter to the EarthZen and the Art of Saving the Planet.
  15. Science and Meditation: The Sun My HeartFurther reading Buddha Mind, Buddha Body.
  16. Ultimate Concern: No Death, No Fear.

13 responses to “Collective Awakening: Thich Nhat Hanh’s Vision for Mindfulness in Public Health”

  1. Hello – I’m interested in participating in this event. I reside outside the US, so won’t be attending in person. Do I need to register to attend online? Thank you for all you do.

  2. Will it be live on YOUTUBE 9/21 @ 6:30? Or watch anytime? Love Deer Park and Thich Nhat Hanh’s teachings. Thank you for your teachings! Lynn K.

  3. 🙏liebe Brüder und Schwestern in Deer Park, ein herzliches Dankeschön für diese so wunderschöne Möglichkeit aus Deutschland. Ich bin über das EiAB mit euch verbunden und habe viele Dharmavorträge bei euch über YouTube besucht. Einschließlich 40 Classes of Plum Village. Ich bin sehr dankbar, Phap Luu, euch allen, mit euch verbunden zu sein in Liebe und Frieden. Thay ist in jedem zu spüren und es ist sehr schön und wertvoll. Er wird auch in meinem Herzen weiter leben und lehren.
    Es erinnert mich an Phap Huu, der sagte, wir brauchen keine Angst mehr haben, wir haben ja einen Weg.. in tiefer Dankbarkeit für Buddha,Thay 🙏für euch alle♥️🙏🛎Doro

  4. Dear Brother Joy,

    I’m wondering if something may have happened technology-wise to the form I completed on Oct. 12 as I have not received a link to the forum to participate in the class (to offer reflections, read others’ reflections, or to view Brother Phap Luu’s postings).

    I have been watching the sessions online.

    Should I fill out a new form?

    Thank you for your help,


    • Hi Paula, being added to the forum is a manual process completely by Thay Phap Luu. It could be he’s a little behind in the process.

  5. Dear Brother Phap Luu : I am enjoying so much this class and have learned so much. I am having trouble locating your notes for the classes which I would like to read . Could you please tell me where to get the links to the notes? With deep gratitude to our teacher Thay and to you for offering this class

    Rosa-Joyful Meditation of the Heart

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