Healing and Transformation at Wake Up 2023

Wake Up Panel. Sister Huong Nghiem, Brother Phap Luu, Sister Chuyen Nghiem, and Brother Minh An

Each year it brings great joy to host the Wake Up Retreat for young people ages 18-35 years old. This was a vision of Thay that began about 15-years ago and has grown into a worldwide phenomenon. During our 1-week retreat we held a session of questions and answers where those attending the retreat can come forward and pose a question for a panel of monastics.

The panel in this recording include Sister Huong Nghiem, Brother Phap Luu, Sister Chuyen Nghiem, and Brother Minh An. In the recording below, we have about 15-minutes of joyful singing. The date is April 7, 2023 and we are in the Ocean of Peace Meditation Hall.

  1. In my practice, how can I trust that I’m having an insight instead of another delusion or mental formation?
  2. This morning I decided to wake up and read some manga on my phone. And I noticed feelings craving, sexual desire, and craving in me. But also find it hard to stop reading manga. I’m hooked on the storyline. Other things I do in the world are also unwholesome. How do I manage/negotiate what is wholesome and unwholesome?
  3. How do you prepare and how do you process the grief and heartache of loosing someone you love?
  4. Because we communicate and interact from our individual perspective, how can we cultivate a more true perception of reality?
  5. I feel within me a great conflict with the power and politics with the path of peace. The choice about my energy. Internal freedom or freedom externally. I’m very passionate about campaigning and organizing.
  6. How to go about deepening the practice. Letting go and not get stuck with ‘not good enough’?
  7. With all the parts of this practice, if you had to choose, what part of the practice has been most transformational or revolutionary for you as an individual?
  8. Can you talk about the difference between self-care and selfishness?
  9. How to break the association between our self-worth and our outer appearance (social status, wealth, etc.)?

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