An Earth Peace Treaty

A sky view of the earth from Suomi NPP.

This sheet offers a number of steps we can take to reduce the impact of our ecological footprint. Please look over this and, if you feel inspired, commit to a few or more of them by marking the blank with a “V” check. If you already are currently practicing the step, mark an “X” on the blank. When you are done please copy your commitments on to a piece of paper so that you can carry them with you as a reminder.

5 responses to “An Earth Peace Treaty”

  1. Thank you for this earth peace treaty I will try to share widely.

    a Monarch rising
    or a blossom falling –

    my indoor bamboo
    grow a clutch of tall shadows
    in this empty cup

    [Revised haiku] :

    a free gem
    I cannot grasp
    water our gold

    ( from my soon to be published “Ecology of Love”]

  2. Thank you for this sharing this Earth Peace Treaty Commitment. It is a gentle yet firm reminder of what we can all do from the tiniest actions to bigger ones. I feel grounded this morning in the knowledge that there are so many people around this beautiful planet who truly care about our Mother Earth and are doing what they can to make a difference.

  3. Many thanks. I live in an ever expanding major city in Australia. The pace around me is so fast, on week days especially I’m surrounded by traffic noise, cars and planes. There is no feeling of community here, however I want to change that gently.
    There is a bushland reserve within walking distance, it’s a refuge for birds, insects and small animals and of course there are many trees, bushes and a creeks and some of those trees are like dear friends. I am a 66yrs old woman with one daughter and two grandsons, I thought I was living simply until I read this beautiful treaty. For love of this earth, I am committing to this Earth Treaty today. 🙏🏻🌱 🌏 🌿💚

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