One Year Residential Program: Application for March 2017 to February 2018 is now available

Since March we have had 6 friends participating in the One Year Residential Program here at Deer Park Monastery.

1-year-residents-2016-2017We have decided to continue this program and the application is now available.

Here is some input from our current friends in the program:

“This internship has given me time and opportunity to examine and heal some of my oldest habits. And as my practice deepens I am learning to flow with the river. Living at Deer Park everything I do is Practice. Becoming one with the Sangha is pure joy.”

“Thanks to all the wonderful people who support my time living here, I get to learn the practice of mindfulness in daily life from the elders, whilst also getting to offer sangha service everyday to monastics and retreatants. My time thus far in Deer Park Monastery’s residential program has been truly phỏ-nomenal — literally, we get to eat lots of phỏ noodle soup, and it’s so delicious! In deep gratitude to all beings.”

“Living at Deer Park Monastery has been both transformational and healing. It has grounded me in the practice and has given me the tools needed to guide my way of living. I am forever grateful to the monks and nuns for their guidance and for the opportunity to practice along side them. I have found my true home.” 

“What a deep, fun, crazy way to practice almost 24/7 for one year here at Deer Park.  I am so grateful for this incredible opportunity we have been given!”

“This year will without a doubt be one of the most transformational years of my life. It has allowed me to truly put the practice into practice and get to know the many aspects within myself. I know I will look back on this time with increased wisdom and gratitude and I am abundantly grateful for this opportunity.”

More information about this program and the application can be found here!

6 responses to “One Year Residential Program: Application for March 2017 to February 2018 is now available”

  1. I muse over it too Zach…the doing “nothing”…for a year…..yet wanting to go…and yet feeling as if one would have to let go of one’s entire life to do so? By saying “doing nothing”, did you mean kinda like i felt: ” jeepers…how do i stop…this path….entirely….for that path”? And further questioning….logistics of doing so pertaining to finances? Is that what ya was thinkin’ Zach? Of those who have done this, perhaps they could do a further detailed account of how they prepped for a monastic life and the ramifications of doing so?

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