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Rains Retreat

October 20, 2023 January 15, 2024 PDT

Our sangha of monastics and lay friends share with you the practice of the annual Rains Retreat at Deer Park for a 90 day period.

Peacefully dwelling in the great hidden mountain of Deer Park is a very special time to practice together and to look and learn deeply. During this period, we may have the opportunity for mentoring, taking classes, and listening to Dharma talks. In addition, the daily schedule will include sitting meditation, walking meditation, working meditation, and service meditation.

Participating in the Rains Retreat is contingent on being able to live and practice in harmony with the community. At the end of the first two weeks, each person will be reviewed by the community. In some cases, individuals may be asked to leave and receive a refund.

If you choose to join us, we also have the practice of remaining in the monastery. During opening ceremonies, we will set the boundaries for each hamlet. Meaning, we as participants will remain within these boundaries for the entire 90-days.

The Opening Ceremony for the Rains Retreat will be held during the Sunday, Day of Mindfulness, October 22, 2023. The Closing Ceremony will be held during the Sunday, Day of Mindfulness, January 14, 2024.

Important Dates

  • August 30 – For those who identify as women, and will stay in Clarity Hamlet, please submit your application to attend
  • October 6 – We ask that all interested parties submit a registration form a minimum of two weeks in advance of the retreat arrival date
  • October 20 – Arrival Day, 2pm-4pm
  • October 21 – Counting Sticks Ceremony, 7:30pm
  • October 22 – Rains Retreat Opening Ceremony
  • November 3 – Review of each person attending retreat
  • January 15 – Departure Day, 9am

Retreat Cost

Dorm RoomTent Camping
Supporter Rate$13,500$9,450
Benefactor Rate$10,800$7,560
BASE RATE$9,000$6,300
* Reduced Rate$6,750$4,725
** Special Case Rate (18-35)$4,500$3,150

You may be eligible for the Hemera Fellowship for partial cost coverage. Please note that Hemera Fellowships only apply to the first 30 days of long retreats, such as the Rains Retreat.

* For Reduced Rate, we require a letter of request to the community prior to approving this rate. Upload your letter on our Contact Us page. Please include your gender and a statement of your current financial status.

** The Special Case Rate is for those ages 18-35, we require a letter of request prior to approving this rate. Upload your letter on our Contact Us page. Please include your gender and a statement of your current financial status.

If none of these rates meets your financial situation, please write a letter of request to the community. Upload your letter on our Contact Us page. Please include your gender and a statement of your current financial status (please include what rate you are able to afford). You may be requested for a virtual interview prior to approval.

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27 responses to “Stable · Joyful: 2023-2024 Rains Retreat”

    • We should have the link working by late afternoon today. We ran into a few last-minute issues and will post soon.

    • We are still working on preparing the registration and hope to have it posted late afternoon today

  1. Hello again,
    Do you have an estimate of when 1-2 week stays registration for the Rains Retreat will open? Thank you. Patricis

  2. My husband and I will go to California for a few days, can we have days in mild fulness during the rains retreat for 3 nights? If yes, how to apply?

    • Yes, we will have some days of mindfulness during the retreat. Typically we open registration on our website 2-weeks before the Sunday Day of Mindfulness.

  3. Dear Brothers and Sisters, my wife and I would like to apply for the Rain Retreat from 23 October to 27 October. How can we register for the retreat? Please advise what to do. Thank you.

  4. Hello Brother Joy. Will there be an opportunity to join the Rains Retreat for a one or two week stay only?

    • Yes, we will likely have 1 & 2-week stays starting around October 27th. This will be posted on the website (probably in late September or October)

      • Dear Brother Joy Please let me know if it is possible to register for Rains Retreat 12/29/2023 to 1/15/2024 (Departure Date). Lotus for you 🪷. Ms. Ngocnhung Tran

        • Those dates may be a little tough, but we do have a retreat scheduled for late December that will run through the beginning of January. Check the website and be sure to be ready when the registration opens because this will fill up. It’s the holiday retreat.

          • Dear Brother Joy I am looking forward to view the availability of one or two week stays during Rains Retreat. Lotus for you 🪷. Ms. Ngocnhung Tran

  5. Hi Brother Joy. When will the available weeks for women to stay in Clarity Hamlet during the Rains Retreat be posted? I’m needing to arrange those dates with my work schedule. Thank you!

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