Celebrating Dennis Howard – generosity embodied

On our first Day of Mindfulness for the beautiful Spring Season we listened to a recording of Kate Wolf’s “Give Yourself to Love” played by Dennis and Ondrej. We also shared about some of the many gifts Dennis offered to Deer Park and many members of the Sangha during his time staying with us.

We had received news from monastics in Plum Village, France that Dennis Howard, Order of Interbeing member, True Mountain of Insight, had been found drowned in La Roche Bernard, Bretagne, France, where he happily had been living on his boat for some months.

Solar BrotherhoodWhen we remember Dennis, we come in contact with: joy, kindness, music, coffee, Earth Tub, walking, guitar lessons, health and medical, Smokey the dog, solar panels, and children. Dennis lived wholeheartedly during his time at Deer Park and offered what he could from his vast experience.

In 2007 we held a dedication ceremony for the solar project. Early in 2008 we were able to start generating most of our electricity through the three arrays. This became a reality much thanks to Dennis and several brothers persistent engagement. Dennis, you are here with us every day.

More brothers and sisters then we can count received guitar lessons by his Airstream trailer through the years he lived here. At any occasion Dennis was happy to offer his beautiful voice and inspiring music during retreats or days of mindfulness.

The brothers and sisters of Deer Park want to offer our prayers to his children and many friends across the world. May we find ways to see Dennis in our lives and continue the joy, generosity and creativity that he offered us.

Here is a video clip from Vienna, Austria with Dennis playing “Breathing in, breathing out”: