Deer Park Special Retreats 2020

We are happy to announce the Special Retreat schedule for the first half of 2020. We hope that many of you will be able to join the Deer Park community to experience the art of mindful living.

Feb 26 – Mar 1 Earth Holder Retreat
  Click here to learn more about the Earth Holder Community
April 1-5 Wake Up Retreat for Young Adults
  Click here to learn more about Wake Up International
May 6-10 Many Streams, One Source Retreat *CANCELLED*
  (People Of Color & LGBTQI+)
  Please click here for more information about this retreat
June 17-21 Family Retreat – Session Coyote
June 22-26 Family Retreat – Session Roadrunner
July 21-26 Teen Camp


Please check our registration page for updates. 

Throughout the year Deer Park offers Seasonal Retreats for one week stays or longer during which friends participate in the daily activities of the residential community. For dates and availability, click here.

8 responses to “Deer Park Special Retreats 2020”

  1. Hello! Is there any way to have teen camp to the end of July or early August? that would be greatly appreciated for my children. Thank you. If not, I will be happy to register for family retreat

    • Dear Tammy, we regret to announce that our annual Teen Camp has been canceled this year due to the novel coronavirus outbreak. However, our Family Retreat is now scheduled for July and we hope that you and your children might have the opportunity to register to attend the Family Retreat together.

  2. Hi there
    Why exactly is teen camp cancelled but family retreat is still happening? The original dates were suppose to be July 21-26 so it would be after family retreat. We would really appreciate it if it still go on. Thank you.

    • Dear Allison, the Family Retreat was given priority because it includes a program for teens, as well as programs for children 6 years of age and older, and for adults. Therefore, it is less exclusive to one age group and more accessible to a wider range of people. We hope to return to more of a regular retreat schedule next year.

  3. People of color retreat should not be merged with LGBTQ+. Who one chooses to have sex with and the color of the skin one was born into are not the same issues and they should not be treated as if they are.

  4. Why have you combined the People of Color retreat with LGBTQ+? This is a family retreat for me and I do not wish to expose my family to these discussions of sexuality. That is not the purpose for which I attend the people of color retreat. I am very disappointed by the combining of the two and I will seek people of color retreats that honor people of color and the issues they are looking to heal. Peace to you.

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