Registration Now Required for Days of Mindfulness


Dear Friends,

We are happy Deer Park Monastery continues to be a place of refuge and transformation for many people who come and learn the art of mindful living. Recently we informed the community about upcoming changes to our Days of Mindfulness. To recap, in order for the quality of our events to be nourishing for everyone, there will now be:

  • Advanced online registration required for each Day of Mindfulness starting on Sunday, October 27, 2019 and onward
  • A limited number of spaces for participants at each event
  • Closing of the monastery gate at 10:00 AM for arrival, to support the energy of serenity for the day

These changes will greatly enable us to have the capacity to host and lead the day and plan for appropriately sized spaces of practice for the number of visitors (e.g. parking, toilet lines, meals, etc.). 

To register for a Day of Mindfulness, please visit the Calendar page on the Deer Park Monastery website. Select the day you would like to attend and follow the instructions to register on Eventbrite.

Registration will be required for any Day of Mindfulness starting on Sunday, October 27th and onward. 

Each Day of Mindfulness starts promptly at 9:00 AM with a gathering to practice walking meditation. Please arrive by 8:30 AM to allow enough time to park and enjoy your mindful steps to the first event.

If your plans change and you will not be able to join us after registering, we would greatly appreciate it if you could cancel your registration so other people may attend. 

These changes have been reflected upon deeply by our monastic community and many lay friends. They come with a wish and an aspiration that the Days of Mindfulness maintain practice integrity. We also hope that by registering, our visitors will feel committed to fully participating in the day’s activities. 

We look forward to welcoming and practicing with you at a Day of Mindfulness. Thank you for your support of Deer Park Monastery. 

With trust and gratitude,

The Monastic Sisters and Brothers of Deer Park Monastery


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  1. I realize there will be no days of mindfulness in January 2020. When will the calendar open to schedule in February Thank you

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