Rosy Boa near the Gatehouse

Rosy Boa: one of the slowest snakes in the world searching for small animals near Deer Park Road

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  1. The only rattlesnake I ever met was at Deer Park, during a retreat. We were assured they are shy and would not bother us if we stayed on the path, but no one told the snake this. I walked to top of mountain and then down to this little balcony and meditated. As I was mindfully walking back up the path watching my feet, I heard a loud rattle noise. I looked up. About 8 feet in front of me perched on a rock , right on the path was a HUGE rattlesnake, with its neck up, mouth open, rattling at me. I heard a guy atop the mountain say, Whow! That’s the biggest rattlesnake I have ever seen ! Not encouraging. Lol. I froze in my steps and did not move for what seemed like a long time. But probably wasn’t, as I tried to decide what thing to do. I did not look the snake in the eyes, as I heard this is not a good idea. His body was so big and thick. He looked ready to strike, and had not far to go. Should I carefully turn around no run? Or stay still? I opted for a controlled turn and around and then I ran down the mountain as fast as I could go, and did not look back. I made it. Whew! A big exciting adventure with a happy ending for both of us. I will always be grateful to this giant rattlesnake.

    • Thank you for your scary and charming rattlesnake story. Looks like you did the right thing! 😉

      • yes! it is interesting to see that wrong perceptions can bring harm, when the snake feels it is in danger, attacks, but maybe she could be wrong as it is not our intention…so similar to what sometimes happens to us humans, isn’t it?

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