Sunday Dharma Talks during Winter Retreat

Ocean of Peace Sunset

The Monastic Dharma Teachers of Deer Park are offering talks each Sunday under the theme: Nurturing our Roots, Strengthening our Branchesessentials of Plum Village Practice.

The three characteristics of Plum Village Practice: continuous practice, present moment and dwelling happily, will also guide the teaching.

This list of Dharma Talks is subject to change, thanks for your understanding.

happy-dharma-teachers11/27                Venerable Phuoc Tinh – Vietnamese

12/4                 Thay Phap Dang – English

12/11               Su Co Truc Nghiem – English or Vietnamese

12/18               Thay Phap Don – English

1/1                   Venerable Phuoc Tinh – Vietnamese

1/8                   Su Co Kinh Nghiem – English

1/15                 Thay Phap Hoi – Vietnamese

1/22                 Thay Phap Hai – English

1/29                 Oracle Reading

2/5                   Su Co Hang Nghiem – Vietnamese or English

2/12                 Thay Phap Dang – English or Vietnamese

2/19                 Su Co Mai Nghiem – English

2/26                 Venerable Phuoc Tinh – Vietnamese


The audio recording of the talks will be posted on the Deer Park Dharma Cast.

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