Rhythm of the Earth (Photo Gallery & Replay)

On May 25, 2024, Deer Park Monastery hosted its 2nd Annual Rhythm of the Earth Festival.

Over 340 people gathered for an afternoon and evening of music provided by our wonderful line-up of musicians and artists. Our hearts were full of joy as participants of all ages practiced walking meditation from venue to venue, sang along with the musicians, ate delicious banh mi sandwiches provided by the Vietnamese community and enjoyed the beautiful day.

We were happy to meet new friends who had not visited Deer Park before, and to see so many long standing friends and their families once more. And we are very grateful to all of you for your generosity and support in raising funds to support the production of a film honoring Sister Chan Khong, the first fully ordained nun in the Plum Village tradition. Just a couple of days before the festival, a generous donor stepped forward to finance the film as executive producer!

Thank you to everyone who attended the festival online or in person here in the Hidden Mountain. We appreciate your generous contributions.

You can watch the replay of the livestream and enjoy photos from the festival below.

Photo Gallery

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