Wild Flowers of Deer Park


For a short period of time in the spring (right now!), Deer Park explodes with colors and smells from the chaparral. Given centuries of non-natives in the region, not everything is native but the black sage, yucca and adenostoma definitely are native. Even with the “weeds” in the mix, the beauty brings joy and happiness.

An effort to label the flowers is made, but if you know names or corrections, feel free to comment below.

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  1. Wonderful post dear friends. So many beautiful wildflower natives a Deer Park right now. You can also add instrument spectabilis which is the dazzling blue and pink flowers along the road between the parking lot and the meditation hall. Your yellow flowers above are the native sunflowers. By supporting these native plants you are helping local bees butterflies and pollinators survive..

  2. Thank you Laura. I didn’t get down the road and realize now we have many colors along there too. Including all the succulants. And yes, the bees are going nuts.

  3. Is it possible to visit the flowers and the temple ground with our three children this Sunday while we are in Escondido? We are all vaccinated and have meditation practice. Thank you!

    • We will likely open up some registration slots on Friday and Saturday, so please check back on our home page for the day of mindfulness. You just need to arrive between 8am-10am.

  4. I was just there visiting on Easter and the flowers and nature smells so great. Just a beautiful place. Thank you for inviting the public to enjoy the grounds! DEEP BOW 🙂

  5. Dear Brother Joy,
    Directly above the San Diego County Sunflower, from left to right:
    California Beeplant, Deerweed, and California Buckwheat
    iNaturalist app is a great resource to identify plants 😉
    May you be well, safe and happy!

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