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  • Let the Wind Carry You

    Let the Wind Carry You

    Let the Wind Carry You A poem by Sister Chuyên Nghiêm Live your life fullygreen and fresh as a leaf, Embrace truth without striving, even when facing fierce stormsthat pass through the […]

  • View from the Teahouse

    View from the Teahouse

    By Brother Minh An Sometimes I look at the sky like it’s a table, solid and limited and knowable. But on this lazy afternoon I closed my eyes and saw […]

  • Ode to the Valley

    Ode to the Valley

    By Brother Phap Luu Coyotes gather to gossip in the chaparral shade, at ease, yet glaring, paws splayed, lean and limber, some lying, one panting. It is midday. Monks gather […]

  • The Brook

    The Brook

    By Sister Trăng Thanh Ɖoan (Sister Clear Dignity) One day, when I went up to the meditation hall, I heard the sound of the waterfall and some words arose in […]