A Well-Regulated Nervous System

Dharma Teacher Jo-ann Rosen helps work with our non-stop stressers by understanding our nervous system. And learn about practicing with the Window of Mindfulness. Are we in this zone when looking with mindfulness at our feelings, perceptions, etc? Do we have the capacity to surround it with mindfulness? If we don’t have the capacity, then we can go back to nourishing wholesome seeds.

4 responses to “A Well-Regulated Nervous System”

  1. Thank you, Jo-ann, for this great teaching! I had several ahah moments which connected concepts from other dharma talks I’ve heard which I had failed to really understand the first time around. And….. when you smile, the light shines brightly from your eyes. You are happy. Thank you.

  2. Thank you very much Jo-Ann for your teaching. The way you shared has made a deep impression upon me as I am a visual learner. I am presently studying Resonant Healing by Sarah Peyton which covers the same topic, drawing upon research into neurobiology & the effects of trauma upon the body. I have a constantly alarmed amygdala which is hard to manage so I hope your explanation will help me even more. 🙏💕

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