Neuroscience and Collective Awakening

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Following the 5-Day The Buddha The Scientist Retreat at Deer Park Monastery, we held a 1-day symposium for scientists to present research and findings. The date of the symposium was Monday, September 5, 2022.

Here we have a presentation by Jo-ann Rosen on Customizing Your Practice: Looking at Mindfulness Practice Through a Neuroscience Lens and Finding Individual Stability for Collective Awakening

Jo-ann Rosen is a Dharma teacher in the Plum Village Community of Engaged Buddhism and a Licensed psychotherapist. She has been giving workshops internationally on the neuroscience of trauma and reregulation of the nervous system. She draws on a 25+ year intimate relationship with the multi fold sangha and a 76 year relationship with a compromised nervous system to enthusiastically offer insights into staying regulated well enough to contribute to collective awakening.

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2 responses to “Neuroscience and Collective Awakening”

  1. A wonderful class , more elaborated and lengthy than the first Mrs Joanne gave on the topic. The factor of curiosity is the one I will keep in mind. Thank you

  2. Very interesting talk. I enjoyed the practical strategies of how to bring our nervous systems back towards. Thank you.

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