Earth Holder Retreat and Day of Mindfulness

OI at climate march sept 2014 EHSToday the Community at Deer Park finalized the schedule for the coming Earth Holder Retreat: For a Future to Be Possible. There will be opportunities to stop and nurture our love and connection with ourselves, each other and the Earth. Opportunities to cultivate our happiness and peace as well as embrace and look deeply into our individual and collective suffering. The last day will be focused on the path forward together.

You can still register for the retreat, a beautiful gift to yourself and the Earth for Earth Day!

You can also join us for the Earth Day of Mindfulness on May 1, if you are not able to join the retreat.

3 responses to “Earth Holder Retreat and Day of Mindfulness”

  1. I look forward to be there next week for this retreat. I signed up last night. Everything went OK and paid, but I have not received a confirmation back from DPM.
    Please let me know if there are any problems, otherwise, I will see you all on Thursday the 28th.

    • When registering online you do not receive a confirmation immediately. Our registrar checks all registrations and confirms a couple of days later. Our registration office is closed Sun – Mon. They will most likely get back to you on Tue. Thanks for your understanding.

  2. Our little Sangha in Durango, Colorado, sat today to join in the collective energy of the retreat even though we could not be physically present. We would love to hear about any of the specific topics or practices you are doing there so that we may be a continuation of your collective practice. Thank you.

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