Qigong Meditation with Br. Insight

Thay Man Tue at Deer Park with hand over heart

One of our resident monastics is Thich Man Tue (Brother Insight), a beloved elder who you can usually see smiling and laughing. His energy of compassion and joy can be contagious. Brother Insight has a passion project where he offers ongoing videos on Qigong meditation. These can be used in our daily lives for practice. As he says, Qigong meditation brings “peace, relaxation, and healing for the body and mind.”

He was born in Central Vietnam in 1985. He was ordained as a Vietnamese Novice Buddhist Monk in 2002 at the root temple of Plum Village, Chùa Từ Hiếu in Vietnam. He came to Plum Village, France in 2006 and received full Bhikshu ordination on December 20, 2006. He practiced and taught in Deer Park Monastery, California from 2008-17 and returned again in 2022. He received the Lamp from Thay to become a Dharma Teacher in 2012 at Deer Park Monastery. He enjoys practicing Meditation and Qigong Daily, and has been offering Qigong to friends who come to retreats at Blue Cliff Monastery, and Deer Park Monastery where he currently resides .

You join and follow his YouTube channel for regular videos on this practice.


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  1. Bonjour je profite déjà des enseignements de Thich Man Tue (Brother Insight) puisque déjà abonné e à sa chaîne utube pratiquante assidue

  2. Good morning, Brothers and Sisters,
    I am thankful to be a member of Deer Park Monastery. I am not only being taught to calm my mind, to love people, to do the right things, to walk on the right path but also being taught to keep my physical healthy. Thanks for the link. I am grateful for everything.

    • Thank you Brother.
      I try to follow your Qi Gong lessons whenever I can. You’re smile and calm ways are infectious.

  3. Thank you Brother. I first found your YouTube channel about 2 years ago. They have improved my health, especially my back amazingly. I start my days early first with sitting meditation followed by Qigong meditation. You are a blessing.

  4. Thank you Brother for your videos, especially the meditations. I have struggled for years with sitting zazen but with these guided meditations I am finally calming my mind, spirit and body in a way I have not been able to achieve before. I am so grateful. In Gassho.

  5. My exploration about QIQONG after Mindful Movement workshop with Indonesia Sangha ended up with this ‘Qiqong Meditation’ youtube channel.
    I’ve been doing ‘daily 3 points pressure’ as a substitution to scrolling through my phone during my private toilet routine in the morning 😁

    Thank you Brother Insight for your guidance through this youtube channel 🙂🙏

  6. I’m a third level Qigong teacher and I come to Brother Insight via YouTube for my inspiration and the lion’s share of my practice.

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