2024 Retreat Calendar at Deer Park Monastery

deer park monastery stupa


Check back on our website often for registration information as it becomes available.

This calendar is subject to change at any time.

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12 responses to “2024 Retreat Calendar at Deer Park Monastery”

  1. This is the first time Deer Park has the whole year plans/retreats out, I’m very pleased. It’s much easy to plan a trip or activities with Deer Park since I am a working person, I need to plan time off ahead of time.
    Thank you for doing this. I feel so grateful. 🙏

  2. Wonderful news! Thank you so much for sharing these dates and opportunities to practice. I am wondering if there will be an opportunity to stay overnight at Deer Park over the course of the Lunar New Year’s celebrations in February?

  3. Dear Deer Park Monastery Please let me know when the next The Buddha The Scientist Retreat will be offered. 🪷 Lotus for you. Ms. Ngocnhung Tran (Dharma Name: Nguyên Ân)

  4. Hello,
    So there’s still no in person retreat until, what, April? Did I miss it?

    Thank you,
    Darren Jurmé

  5. Thank you so much for sharing these opportunities to practice together. Do you know if there will be the possibility of staying overnight at Deer Park during the Lunar New Year events?

  6. For the Rhythm of the Earth Music Festival, will the performing musicians be invited once again to stay at Deer Park 1 week before the Festival to practice like this past year? Thank you.

  7. I am Vietnamese. Am I able to attend the BIPOC retreat and bring my 2 year old as long as I watch him the whole time? Thank you for posting this calendar in advance!